Tips for choosing the best Women Gym in Nasr City

If you have just moved to live in (Nasr City) and you have recently read about practicing gym exercises or following a diet in order to keep up you fit and slim or even to loose excess weight. And you are thinking seriously about choosing Gym. So here are some tips for choosing the best Women Gym in Nasr City.

1- The parking lot
It can’t be denied that Nasr city is one of the most crowded areas of cars. In fact, most women are not fluent enough in driving and parking as well thus; the best Women Gym should have a parking lot to save time in finding a car park.

2- Members and staff
It is very important to feel that you’re welcomed by the staff, moreover; to provide you by the needed support.
Getting acknowledged to Members and creating friendships with them is very important to be aware of exercises system on one hand, and also to see flaws and advantages of the gym on the other hand.

3- Hygiene
Gym Lounges Should be clean 100%, you should take a look at the changing rooms and shower rooms as well, Is it quite clean? Are tubs filled with hair and dirt? If you found the Gym lounge is not quite clean you shouldn’t join it then.

4- Dedicated spaces for children
Are there dedicated spaces in the gym hall to take care of your children? As you may accompany your children during the training time, Thus; if the hall was well equipped with the presence of dedicated spaces for your children, it will make you feel more comfort.

5- Working hours
You must be aware by the Gym working hours and getting sure if it will suit you or not.

6- Training Equipment
All appliances and equipment must be modern and are subjected to maintenance constantly.

7- Aerobics courses
Some gyms offer aerobics courses as a part of the membership cost, while some other gyms don’t include the aerobics courses among the subscription cost. It must be taken into consideration that Yoga and breathing exercises are very important. As you are in need to be aware of gym working system in order to be able to choose the best Gym for women.

8- Payment Plan
Getting acknowledged by payment methods, generally the full year subscription is cheaper than a monthly subscription, therefore; you should have monthly subscription for the first time. If you found everything is fine, it is better then to acquire the advantage of the annual subscription.

Also you should inquire about the cancellation or postponement of training schedules due to travel or illness, as there are some gyms give you the right for a partial refund of your money, while other Gyms extend your membership until the end of the holiday.

You must follow these tips to find out the best Gym for women in Nasr City.