Our Services [What are our Special Services?]

What are our Special Services?

Now with Eve gym you can join us by only paying 350 pounds and enjoy the following privileges of a monthly subscription:
First: Fitness Test; based on it we will determine the level of you physical fitness and the level of the general health and according to them we will be setting your training program.

Second: Eve gym has added a developed measurement device (for free) to calculate the following: the amount of water in the body, the amount of fats in the body and their percentage, the muscle mass, the distribution of the muscles on the limbs and the chest and abdominal area the daily consumption of calories for the body in the state of relaxation, the required weight decreasing it or increasing it, the degree of fitness.

Third: The body measurements are taken and revised and a follow-up is done by the end of the program.

Fourth: The personal trainer service is free within the program.

Fifth: The possibility to attend all kinds of aerobics classes.
(All in one – Fat Burn – Cardio – Toning – Step – Ball)

Sixth: The possibility of daily attendance (30 days per month) and starting from 6:00 AM to 11 PM according to what suits your circumstances and your time, seven days a week without interruption.

Seventh: A personal locker for each trainer during the training period.