Losing weight and staying in shape

The secrets to a diet far from what is traditional and temporary

1- Many experts say that fats that accumulate in the abdominal area are the worst of its kind and that’s because people who tend to have an apple body shape of thin hips and fatty waist are most commonly to be vulnerable to the dangers of having heart diseases more than those with a body shaped like a pear (where their fats usually concentrates in the hips and thighs), and the perfect measurement for men’s waist is to be less than 95 cm (37 inch) while for women it’s to be less than 80 cm (32 inch) and when these figures exceed the 100 cm (40 inch) for men and 90 cm (35 inch) for women that’s when it becomes a grave danger that would b threating to their health.

2- Make sure that your diet would contain soy products as there is this substance known by the name of Alaezovlavonat in soy which represents the key to improve the rate of fat burning tissues this substance also works on a slight increase in the metabolism rate and to curb your appetite even aesthetically soy helps to prolong the nails as well.

3- It’s crucial to understand the nutritional values of what we eat.

4- If your intention is to lose weight and not to gain it one more time then having less food portions is more effective than just doing exercises on its own although doing both of them simultaneously would be the best recipe possible.

5- For you to lose half a kilo per week you will have to decrease your daily calories by 500 calorie. And even though this might not sound like much yet it is easier to reach that target on the long run as it is easier to maintain the new weight this way.

6- Perfected the art of setting goals so as to transform your dream of losing weight to a reality because most of us doesn’t usually set specific goals before getting started yet this planning pays off in the end.

7- Write down your goals and stick it on a place where it’s easy for you to see on daily basis like the door of the fridge so when you look at them you keep repeating them while imagining your figure and feeling when you actually reach them this helps rejuvenate your goals and adding a realistic touch to them.

8- Setting those goals is a key ingredient for a successful weight loss system and you can improve this process as if it is a professional business plan.

9- What is I failed and wasn’t able to reach me goals? Do you know anyone whose achievements are perfect all the time, everybody fails once in a while what is important is that you learn from your mistakes and keep moving forward and try again.

10- Deal strictly with the bases and you will find that you are already half way there to being thin.

11- Try using a circle and divide it into the following parts according to the recommendations of the British Food Standards Agency 30% fruits and vegetables 30% bread, pasta, rice and potatoes 15% dairy products 15% meat and fish 10% fats and sweets, as these are the portions in which you need to keep a balanced diet.

12- The process of making the food isn’t any less important than the food itself.

13- Fatty fish like fresh tuna, mackerel, and salmon contains fatty acids like the vibrant Omega3 which has great healthy features like decreasing death rates that are caused by heart diseases so it’s a must to eat 2 portions of this fatty fish per week.

14- Fresh tuna is considered to be one of the fatty fish yet canned tuna is not since the benefits of the Omega3 acids are lost in the canning process yet still canned tuna is considered a vital source of proteins but make sure to purchase it with its own water so as to avoid added oils and fats that are used in the canning process or even those salts that are used when fish is being canned.

15- You won’t be able to run a company or a house without a specified plan specially if there are drastic changes that are hovering in the horizon, and since you are the one in charge of your mind and body try to use this practical life style to improve your successful strategies when it comes to losing weight.

16- Greed tea could increase the rate of metabolism so if you drink four to five cups a day you would be able to burn almost 70 calories without even breaking a sweat.

17- Nothing beats removing all the chaos to improve your energy and elevate your motivational levels either take it step by step or try all the following steps all at once to start a new beginning.

18- Clean your fridge and cabinet and get rid of all the destructive tools to your diet like the deep fryer and the cookie boxes.

19- Go to your closet and collect all the clothes that you haven’t worn in a year and not likely that you would wear them ever again.

20- Try a new haircut or a beauty makeover and make sure you feel satisfied about yourself.

21- Positive encouragement from your friends and family and your peers that are following a specific diet will help motivate you and make it easy on you.

22- If you can dream it, you can achieve it.

23- Imagine yourself for a few minutes on daily basis that you accomplished your goals and imagine the form you will be in and the feelings that you will have when you accomplish these goals don’t make fun of it as it fulfilled its purpose with the Olympic gold medalists.

24- Skipping the main course is not the perfect way to lose weight as most probably you will make it up by overeating at the next meal or indulge in fast foods filled with high calories and fats when you get a sudden urge of hunger.

25- Our bodies need water to help it absorb useful substances from food because when our bodies maintain the appropriate levels of water you will see and feel other great benefits too.

26- Make sure you drink fruits juice instead of coke and that’s because one can of any soda drink is sufficient to increase your chance of being diabetic by 85% and one can per day may lead to a weight increase equivalent to 14 pounds in 4 years.

27- To lose weight and prevent gaining it one more time you will have to change your eating habits and your life style forever.

28- It’s ok to have a quick snack every now and then but you could always settle on the better options and the less threatening to make you gain weight.

29- A journey of a thousand pounds starts with one slice of burger.

30- When you order a fast food meal to eat at home follow the advices that we’ve mentioned earlier in addition to the following hints to bring down your calories count and excess fats.

31- Avoid all fried foods and choose those which are grilled, smoked or boiled or even baked and free of cheese.

32- Avoid all buttered fatty gravies in your tomato juice.

33- If you ordered an extra side dish like rice make sure it’s boiled without any additions.

34- Avoid side dishes that contain garlic bread or buttered bread if it’s a must to have some bread then make it free of any additions.

35- Stop eating once you are full.

36- Use extra virgin olive oil as only a few drops from it are enough to keep you away from any diseases. It’s true that it’s a healthy oil yet still if you overuse it you will be adding more calories to your body that you are in no need of.

37- Saturated Fats: One of the foods that contain high levels of saturated fatty acids like butter full cream milk and whipped cream also meat and its extracts, palm oil and coconut oil these are the kind of foods that could destroy the best of diets.

38- Trans Fats: These kinds of fats can be found in processed foods like chips, cookies, biscuits, pies, and in many kinds of margarine.

39- Unsaturated Fats: These fats are divided into either mono-unsaturated fats which can be found in olive oil, coconut oil, avocados, and grains and they are very beneficial for the heart, or there is the better choice of saturated fats although it could be a reason for obesity so it’s recommended that it would be used wisely yet the poly-unsaturated fats usually appear in most of the vegetables oils (corn oil, sunflower oil, safflower oil, and fish oils, and these fats are generally safe to be used instead of saturated fats.

40- The person who is obese lives for a short period of time yet keeps eating for a longer period.

41- Keep record of the hours you spend watching the TV through the whole week and if you find out that you are watching it for more than 4 hours per day that means that you will be consuming more calories than what’s really needed since it would give you the chance to spend more time snacking while burning less calories when you are sitting still.

42- Working out boosts your confidence so whenever you exercise or play a game you will feel that you have done something positive for yourself, which will lift your mood up on its own.

43- Exercising reduces your appetite in addition to being an amazing technique to distract your attention from all the fridge seductions because working out slows down the food motion in your digestive system which makes it take longer to start feeling hungry again.

44- Exercising helps you avoid gaining weight.

45- Studies have proven that people who succeeded in losing weight depending on workouts alongside a balanced dietary system were able to keep their figures on the long run more than those who didn’t.

46- Exercising could represent a completely new source of pleasure for you as it makes you discover all new social circles around you.

47- According to studies conducted by the Research Institute of New England, regularly intensive exercising are also efficient when it comes to reducing the risk of infertility in men.

48- A cream covered cup of coffee would have the equivalent of almost 500 calories.

49- Make sure you prepare your own sandwiches because this is the only way to guarantee what’s inside them as many ready-made sandwiches may contain almost 6 grams of salt which represents the amount of salt recommended for the whole day and reducing your daily salt portion that usually varies between 10 to 6 grams could be a reason to prevent thousands of strokes and heart attacks not to forget that also salt and water are totally related since it constantly makes you feel bloated and way heavier.

50- Mayonnaise also increases the calories drastically since just 100 grams of it contains 700 calories and 70 grams of fats and even the lighter mayonnaise with low calories may contain 275 calories and almost 25 grams of fats.

51- Although avocados are known to be a source of mono-saturated fats and the even better poly-saturated in addition to vitamin E yet they are also a rich source of calories too.

52- Appetizers like pickles always looking so innocent yet they contain huge amounts of sugar and salts

53- How does that perfectly healthy sandwich look that helps you lose weight?

54- It has to be made of brown bread containing a filling which is free of any fats and rich in proteins like tuna, chicken, thigh meat, wild French cottage cheese and to be filled with salad and vegetables so as to add to its size, taste, and vitamins. It should not contain any mayo.

55- Avoid eating the amount of food that you can hold in one grip.

56- On the physical level food isn’t anything more than just fuel to your body yet our relationship with it is still pretty complex as it’s a story of love and hate.

57- Eater slower, as it takes 20 minutes for the brain to get any signals that you are really full deal with your body in which case where you give it time to respond.

58- In English if you reverse the letters of thw ord “stressed” (which means under pressure) it becomes “desserts” which means sweets, is this a coincidence? I don’t think so.

59- Go through magazines and contemplate on the celebrity pictures and you will see that they usually carry around a bottle of mineral water in their hands or keep it close to them.

60- Buy some dishes with pastel colors as maybe your kitchen tools are affecting your appetite in a negative way an American study discovered that plates with bold figures and bright colors excite the appetite while paler colors calm it down, strange but true.

61- I’m amazed by how quick the skin reacts to drinking a liter and a half of water daily as this water treatment helps clear any impurities which are massing in the system that feeds the skin.

62- It has been discovered by the people that drinking even more water increases the energy levels and decreases the danger of having cases like headaches and constipation but there is also another proof that drinking the right amount of water is tightly connected to decreasing the dangers of having chronicle illnesses.

63- Whether you are thirsty or not you still have to get your eight glasses of water per day and make sure to get one glass before and after every meal and another in the period before the afternoon and also at mid-afternoon

64- Throughout the next week keep a diary of what you are eating and when you ate it because keeping track of the times you had any food might give you a great boost and some experts see that eating smaller portions at frequent intervals would enhance your metabolism since it increases by almost 10% for 2 hours after finishing your meal while other object to that claiming that leaving long gaps between meals would cause you malnutrition.

65- Third of the people who workout says that exercising helps them lower their stress levels.

66- Try having a cup of fennel herbal tea after having a small portion of the dessert that you adore that would be very much sufficient to curb your appetite and guarantee you not to continue munching any more sweets.

67- Chocolate is usually filled with fats that represent 30% of its weight as well as being filled with calories.

68- After eating chocolate you feel that you became like a superhero to the extent that you can conquer your enemies or lead a whole army and even seduce the lovers.

69- Wouldn’t it have been great if there was this simple trick that would give us this surge of energy and sharp wisdom for long hours? Well, there is this one trick that would do the job which is having breakfast.

70- Those who have breakfast regularly tend to be thinner than others who ignore this meal.

71- Next time you go to a movie theatre where you watch these romantic soothing films instead of the action movies you will know that the emotions emitted will stir your desire to crave more foods and sugars and that’s according to a medical study.

72- Have your breakfast like a king, your lunch like a prince yet dine like the poor.

73- Walking for half an hour should burn an average of 200 calories and it helps you hips and leg muscles.

74- If you walk on a treadmill in a gem as if you are going uphill or downhill you increase the challenge and you will be burning more calories.

75- It’s advised to pump abdominal muscles while walking and protect your back and make sure to walk straight and avoid falling behind also follow you natural steps.

76- If you swing your arms while walking you would be increasing your heart rate and harvest more benefits.

77- Try to set a specific timing to walk on daily basis or at least once every two days in this way you will most probably adhere to your walking exercises and getting more in return of your efforts as well as keeping the right eating habits and your ability to continue with the progress you have reached so far.

78- Thoughts that cross your mind while walking are the only ones that matter.

79- Walking actively for an hour burns the same amount of calories that are burnt while running for half an hour.

80- Have a healthy snack after working out by an hour made of proteins and carbohydrates like a tuna salad sandwich it helps your body in the post burning process by replacing the lost energy on the short run by the energy coming from within your fat stock.

81- Take into consideration the idea of joining a group or exercising with a friend because the vows we make in a pack are more credible than those made in solidarity.

82- You can easily burn up to 300 calories just by increasing your daily activity in everything you do.

83- The essence of the idea of weight loss lies in the number of calories gained versus the number of calories lost.

84- If your appetite is strongly lusting a certain type of food and if you do not make every effort to get to eat what you want, this is what is known as cravings.

85- It’s possible that green tea would increase your metabolism if you drink 4 to 5 cups a day you can burn almost one calorie without breaking a sweat because drinking green tea could help you lose around 7 pounds per year.

86- Working out helps curb your appetite.

87- Eating is like falling in love if you deprive yourself from it the worst options starts looking acceptable.

88- Do not eat while lying down because it makes you eat even more than if you were sitting up straight on the table since when you are lying down food passes through your intestines much slower and it takes you much longer to feel full.

89- Have foods that requires you to exert more effort to eat them like artichokes, crabs, lobsters, un-skinned shrimps and mussels as you have to exert more efforts to eat them slowly which is enough to stop you from eating big portions too quickly.

90- Play around with your dish sizes so if you are eating in a huge plate then most probably you will be filling it with a huge portion of food or you will feel that you didn’t get what you deserve from that meal because it will make seem as if the plat doesn’t contain enough food so you should pick a small plate and fill it to the top which is another tricky way to deceive yourself and convince it that you are having this enormous meal.

91- Just one bite, only this one is the very same sentence that starts our food munching.

92- Horse riding is considered as an amazing alternative sport because it’s just by sitting on the harness strengthens your abdominal and back muscles and pulls your thighs, legs, and rear muscles this sport is even considered as an aerobics workout.

93- The cure to anything is salted water whether it’s from the sweat, tears, or the sea.

94- Women tend to lose more weight and maintain it when they are in a group than on their own.

95- Watch out from your coffee dose, do you know that coffee with full cream milk may contain 260 calories and a skimmed milk cappuccino only has 100 calories while black coffee is completely free of any calories whatsoever.

96- Excluding carbohydrates from your diet would cause you sleeping disorders.

97- The firstborn in the sleeping and waking is beneficial on the healthy and physically and mental levels

98- Next time you go shopping make sure you scrutinize the stickers on the bread covers to verify that it’s one of the healthy foods that you can have specially if it’s made of whole wheat yet the fat content of just one slice could widely vary from one brand to another and that’s from 60 calories and 0.9 grams of fat per slice up to 115 calories and 2.7 grams of fat and even more.

99- It’s good to know the law that defines the qualifications of the food stickers so strawberry yogurt means that it should contain some actual strawberries in it and strawberry flavored yogurt means that it took a hint of strawberry yet a strawberry flavored yogurt should mean that it has nothing to do with strawberry whatsoever.

100- General rule that 30 grams of fat or more for every 100 grams is considered as a very high ratio of fat.

101- Make sure you chew a sugar free gum or brush your teeth after every meal or snack not to mention that brushing your teeth and having a fresh breath is the kind of process that sends a signal to your brain saying that you have finished eating and that it’s time to do something else.

102- One of the best ways to lose weight bit by bit on weekly basis is to do very minor modifications that could make you lose half a kilo/pound every week if you decrease 500 calories from what you eat or just by consuming the same amount in exercising.

103- Crackers are the most famous of all snacks yet the regular bag that weighs 40 gram contains almost 200 calories and 10 grams of fat.

104- A big burger sandwich with fried potatoes and a soda drink could reach a total of an easy 100 calories if not more that that if you are not able to keep yourself completely away from them then at least have just the regular or the small size instead.

105- Riding a bicycle is a great exercise and just half an hour of doing it makes you lose around 500 calories.

106- If you add a little bit of low fat stock to your lunch sandwich instead of a lot of butter then you can save yourself what is close to 500 calories during your working week.

107- If you go to work or shopping on foot or just for fun then you would burn almost 250 calories per hour.

108- There is this great exercise that helps you lose weight where you can do it by putting your hands on the tip of the table and push backwards.

109- You can save yourself 170 calories if you decide to drink a skimmed milk coffee instead of a full cream milk cappuccino.

110- Set up the table, close down the curtains, light up some candles at your dinner as your surroundings might have a great impact on the quantity that you are eating.

111- Plastic surgery has made this huge jump so now you are able to lose all the excess fats with these surgeries although the downside to it is that it is expensive as well as sometimes it doesn’t always meet the expectations and may not give you the greatest joy.

112- Try to change your look quickly with a new hair style since hair layers would add a skinnier look to your face exactly like the highlights.

113- The best thing that distinct running is that it gives you what you want whether that’s a straight body or a quiet time to think or even something else more important like the confidence to make life-changing decisions or dealing with a dangerous challenge.

114- Devote a certain time to working out just like you write down an important appointment in your diary this might seem like a slick step but it will guarantee you take things more seriously.

115- Join one of these group therapies since talking to people who have been through your same experiences and problems will make them able to support you and contain your situation without blaming you or make you feel guilty about it, which will represent a true help.

116- And for those who have bulimia it was discovered that antidepressants help to minimize the cravings plus the psychotherapy is also indispensable.

117- Cut a banana into small pieces and keep them in the freezer so that later on they will become healthy meals that are similar to ice cream in which you may have as snacks and you can also freeze grapes and make your very own popsicle by freezing fruits juice.

118- Low fat means that 3 grams are equivilant to each 100 grams or less.

119- Don’t go shopping while you are hungry as there will be so many foods that are rich in fats and calories that will lure you.

120- In a study that was made on laughing a group of people sat down quietly in one room while another group was watching a live comedy show and the blood samples that were taken from each group proved that that was laughing had this big increase in the immune system boosters and a decrease in cortisol, a hormone that causes tension.

121- Try to avoid eating carbohydrates after a certain time of the day it’s a great way to lower some calories plus you won’t be going to bed while you feel bloated.

122- A lady of great beauty wrapped textures in the early sixth decade of life once told me (dear eve too much thinness is a sign of aging) and she was right.

123- Get a measuring tape and a calculator and measure you waist line divided on your hip measurement in centimeters if the result is more than 0.95 for men and 0.87 for women then probably your body is having an apple shape and if you have a body that looks like that and more fats keep accumulating in the waist area then you are more vulnerable to getting a heart disease more than if you had a pear shaped body where fats accumulate more in the rear area.

124- Not all great things in life are bad for you although it might seem like it when you try to lose weight but marital relationship definitely helps you lose weight as well.

125- Try with your spouse a therapeutic massage with scented oils so you would get into a romantic mood add 5 drops of your oil like almond oil or sunflower also lavender, roses, and chamomile are considered to be great oils to help relax and if you add a few drops of juniper or cypress oils then you have a wonderful mixture for Silolaat as well.

126- Marital relationship helps you win the battle with obesity as according to an American study if you exercise the marital relationship three times a week then you will be burning almost 7500 calories per year which is equivalent to constant running of 120 km (75 miles).

127- Having just one cup of tea per day will make pharmacists run out of business.

128- It’s better not to have tea while eating as it reduces the absorption of iron from the food.

129- According to a recent study that was made in the USA it states that in average of every extra kilo in the human body the possibilities of being diabetic increases by 9%.

130- When you feel the depth of the love of another person, it gives you this feeling of strength that provides you with a huge amount of courage.

131- You cannot lose weight in specific areas of the body since researches has been proven that we all tend to lose weight from top to bottom that’s why the signs of losing weight shows on your face first then to the chest and to the abdominal area till finally the hips, thighs, and legs and it seems that the fats in the abdominal area are easy to move around.

132- To what extent could working out change your figure? Exercises that focus on tightening the muscles can definitely increase your muscle mass and add some harmony to them.

133- Working out for ten minutes per day using the hula hoop could shrink your waist by a few inches.

134- In addition to the multiple health benefits of fibers, they are also able to help you stay in shape.

135- Drinking a liter of juice per day contains almost 400 calories so as an alternative you could drink a liter of water and eat two oranges and you will save yourself those calories and provide your body with more fibers.

136- There are 2 types of fibers:

1. Soluble Fiber: It decreases cloistral levels in the blood and slows down the absorption of glucose in the blood vessels as well which guarantees a sudden increase in the sugar in the blood, they can be found specifically in grain oats and oat bran, barley, brown rice, beans, and fruits and vegetables.
2. Insoluble Fiber: It helps moving other substances in you digestive system since it works like a sponge sucking water preventing constipation and hemorrhoids and protects you from having colon and rectal cancer and the best sources of insoluble fibers could be found in wheat, bread made from whole grains, corn, beans, peas, and fruit peels like apples.
This weight is very small that it makes you feel that it is easy to lose it without breaking a sweat yet it is the opposite as these seven pounds are the hardest to lose at all.


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